Five-Hundred Word Challenge 902: The View Changes

Alright here goes:

Vast plains and empty villages and oceans rolling against cliff sides, but not over the edge; just against where the rock meets the water. It is all something to take in. Soon those villages will not be empty. They only seem empty but are in fact occupied, but only at certain times of days.

Winds blast and blow their way across valleys and plains and fields, and sometimes up and down hill, depending on how much space there is for them to move.

The sounds of animals should be heard, but the winds and oceans are so loud and roaring that it is incredibly difficult to hear anything else. It is a sense of power that meets the landscape and it is as worthy of respect as it is absolutely beautiful.

There are paths, but seldom they are immediate and obvious. For a time they seem inert, but over time they may move and change a little; not in where they go, but how they get there. The landscape continues to shift and transform. Every passing round of the sun does little to change or alter that, though only in the short term, for the sun can guide and the sun can aid in shifting and transformation, but it all depends on how responsive the land and what inhabits it respond.

The view is vast in almost all directions. Off in a distance rise mountains and their largeness blocks the way inward, but outward is vast enough if able t0o get past the violence of the waves. Forward and backward lead to a skirting of the edges; a changing of location but perhaps not really going anywhere, but sometimes that is fine. sometimes it is better to take in a changing of the scenery than it is to move away from it.

Of course if going inward, the view also changes and perhaps that is the way to go. Perhaps it is better sometimes to go up the mountains, and not just to appreciate the insignificance of the self among the vastness of the world, but sometimes it is also better to brave the moving away and outward and seeing what lies beyond and take in something different, and not just different among a changing, yet highly similar landscape, but something that can be absorbed so that when it comes time to return – if there is indeed any time to return at all –  heading inward brings with it new tools and resources and other elements that may make the eventual climb perhaps that much more able to be done with a sense of certainty and readiness, though of course maybe there was that readiness all along.

Perhaps with any shift, there will be changes in what can and cannot be heard and maybe further on the ocean is more peaceful, and as such more fauna can be heard, but of course in any event the only way to find out is to start moving in a direction.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:27:42

Not great writing, but I’m content with the result.

Written at home.

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