Ens: Moonshine Sober

Initially I was just looking to describe what was going on with the instrumentation as best as my sleep-deprived state would allow. Then I slipped into something a bit more image-based, then back to what was going on… sort of.

This one is a mess but I’m not going to edit it as I feel it does a good job of reflecting how tired I am at the moment. Not sure as to why I’m fine with that being represented, but I am.

I think that, for listening to “Moonshine Sober” twice to write about it, what I wrote reads alright, but admittedly I’m already pretty familiar with the song.

I hope you enjoy.

Ens’ “Moonshine Sober” is from Warp + Weft.

I hope you enjoy.

Warm, slow, muted sounds. Careful notes, slowly moving up. Precise, clear and spaced.
Something seems to echo away, then the percussion comes in. Keeps it light. More sounds. Not quite a building so much as it is a forming.

The beat fills in more space and there is something more definitive in sound now, but the melody remains calm, floating and gentle. Pulling back occasionally, but only for brief moments to draw attention to one thing. Then it’s all back.

A gentleness keeps on drifting by and the clouds in the sky of either the middle or late afternoon float in their space, moving toward some location that can be guessed but is largely unknown to those lying in the grass and looking upward. The world around shifts in stills close together, but all in the sky moves as smooth as it always has and it all seems much like an idyllic sketch housed within a deep daydream. Warmth is the colour, though perhaps there is a cool breeze in the wind. There is no need to worry about being energetic and running about as it’s easy enough to stare into the nothingness whilst looking at the implied peacefulness of what the sky houses and feel loose and warm. It is easy to relax and let time pass in this particular series of moments.

It all flows through a beat that feels like it’s shuffling, keys that play gentle and dreamy, and sounds as clear as they are muted. Something quickly will fade in and out, and toward the end something seems to glide about, frequently within view, but shooting right past and out of sight regularly.

It’s peaceful and keeps itself going without becoming anything more, all the way until it shimmers away and ends.

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