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Crossing Sign

This was taken in the same area as this photo. There’s a dryness to this photo, I think. Maybe it’s due to how bright some of the clouds are verses the ground. Maybe. I think I did alright with the … Continue reading

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Blind Idiot God: Twenty Four Hour Dawn

This was written over one listen. It felt rather easy to write and I think that’s due to not thinking too much about what I was writing. I think that I captured a feel of the song that’s maybe somewhat … Continue reading

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A Poem About not Sharing a Poem

I scrapped the last thing I wrote, then churned this out. Written in a rush, but this is a significant improvement. Maybe decent. There are things I need to improve upon with these. I hope you enjoy. — I had … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 962: More Writing Under Time Constraints

Alright, so I’m doing that thing where I try to get six posts done in an hour, or at least as many as I can in an hour, but this time it’s within fifty minutes as I need to do … Continue reading

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