Blind Idiot God: Twenty Four Hour Dawn

This was written over one listen.
It felt rather easy to write and I think that’s due to not thinking too much about what I was writing.

I think that I captured a feel of the song that’s maybe somewhat vague. I’m not sure.

Blind Idiot God’s “Twenty Four Hour Dawn” is from their album Before Ever After.

I hope you enjoy.

A slow, warm, rumble stretches out and heaves and rolls. Well, it’s not much of a rumble so much as it is a thump at the start, followed by waves echoing.

The percussion picks up and rolls away, strident and firm. Guitar and bass continue to roll on, seemingly echoing themselves. The guitar screeches without causing pain, as warm as the rest of the expanse laid out that keeps on… well, expanding in a way.

Scenery wide and beautiful, a slight dip, then the guitar picks up. The bass and drums become more active, then the guitar shifts and plays something akin to a solo. It seems almost small in the sound, fleeting and moving at a great pace.

A return to the main notation and the song keeps on expressing some sort of… perhaps it’s a celebration, but then it starts to drop a little. Some feedback hums in and creates a sense of muting and the song, whilst in this state of calm excitement, finds itself relaxing more and coming to a sense of rest. All starts to drop out a little, leaving a brief drone.

Suddenly the song picks up and it seems as though it is charging along. Drums and bass pound away and guitar drawls. Occasionally they all lock into each other for a brief burst and there seems to be a cycle in which everything is moving. The morning has come, but it always is coming.

The flow finds a stopping point. A brief pause it is before guitar starts striking out along with bass finding its own rumble. Percussion shortly returns and builds in intensity, slowly taking up the remaining space, yet remaining clear in sound. Still the song feels celebratory.

Slowly and yet surely there is a build into something stretching out more, almost as though a constant series of waves breaking on the shoreline; almost as though the sun has risen, yet the colours it casts as is does linger for that little bit longer.

The song finds a release without necessarily announcing it and once more eases up. Contrasts between high and low continue on until the high drops away and all that is left is low and warm as the song ends.

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