Tarô Iwashiro: Breath of Fire IV ~ Opening Animation

This was written over four, though maybe five listens.
There were some pauses, though the song is quite short.

I tried to strike a balance between imagery I was getting and what was happening in the song. The imagery was the easier part for me as I’ve thought about the song and the imagery I get from it quite a fair bit. I struggled a bit with describing the instrumentation as, whilst I also have thought about that aspect of the song, I hadn’t thought much of the words I’d use for its description.

This is by far one of my favourite songs to appear in a game. It does so much to paint scenery and is rather succinct in its delivery. Just a great song overall.

Tarô Iwashiro’s  (岩代 太郎) “Breath of Fire IV ~ Opening Animation” (“Breath of Fire IV ~オープニングアニメーション~”) is from the soundtrack for Breath of Fire IV, Breath of Fire IV: Original Soundtrack. The song is Taro’s only song on the soundtrack, with the rest of it being composed by Yoshino Aoki (青木佳乃), whose compositions for the game are just as great.

I hope you enjoy.

A flickering of a stringed instrument, then an echo on piano responds. Underneath a calm, low synth draws out whilst percussion lightly and steadily plays on. Somewhere among it the sound of something rising in the distance is briefly heard before it dissipates.

Suddenly the song shifts to something a little more, and yet the same. Percussion is more striking and prominent, and now both vocals and bass make an appearance. The bass plays single, spaced notes and the vocals seem to rise up, almost as though the sun is soon rising over a vast grassy plain. The synth remains low, calm and flowing.

A different set of strings appear, calling forth a journey at its start. Underneath it another set of strings seem to accentuate, though only lightly. It is not long before a destination high atop a cliff is reached and from there the dawn passes and the vast plain expanse can be seen below. Wind blows through the grass and it is there that will be where the journey continues.

Something akin to electric guitar descends along with the music, as to the vocals. The sense of wonder is great, yet the song remains calm.

The initial flickering of a stringed instrument and echo on piano returns and the fuller percussion and the bass joins in. The calm synth seems greater and fuller, though perhaps it is as it initially was. The feel is much the same as it was earlier, though also different, as though something foreboding lurks at the far edges. This follows through when the melody returns to the initial vocal section; then a sudden sound – perhaps whatever it was that was rising earlier, now much closer – strikes out, along with one last bass note and one last percussive strike. The different strings and something akin to a twinkling join the synth, whilst the flickering strings play out one last time, slowing down, then leaving, as do the other sounds, leaving the calm synth flowing as the song ends.

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