Five-Hundred Word Challenge 968: Cockatoos

Cries of the cockatoos as they appear to rain more seeds from trees onto the street.

The cockatoos are far more numerous this year and that’s a good thing I think, though only if it’s not due to displacement. It’s nice to see them about, but at the same time they take over (perhaps rightfully so) some of the street and screech, then move a little from where they landed and proceed to screech some more, though maybe they don’t and that’s just my imagination filling in some imagery.

When they appear they appear in large swathes and they break small branches and then eat what they are after by going to the ground where the branches have landed and then proceeding to pick off what it is that they want. Many cockatoos on the ground, though some remain perched above.

These cockatoos seem a little more fearless than most birds. They keep an eye on passing traffic of both the foot and vehicle-related varieties, but they barely move, if at all. It’s a little worrying when driving, though it does mean you slow down a lot more. Perhaps the cockatoos are aware of how far they do and do not need to move, or perhaps they know they can just dominate everything on the street, for there is no doubt that they are indeed taking over everything.

Sure, they disappear for parts of the day and aren’t around during the night, but they know what they are doing and they know that, eventually there will be enough of them to engulf everything, which will then lead to nothing else being visible on the street. I’ll step outside of my house and it will be nothing but cockatoos eating all the things that they stripped form the trees which now also are covered in cockatoos. Maybe some other things will be visible, but otherwise nothing but cockatoos. Cockatoos all over everything and cockatoos taking over everything, creating a fine layer of cockatoos huddled up together whilst they go on about doing their cockatoo things and biting stuff.

However, I digress.

So it’s rather pleasant to hear more cockatoos in the area, even if it is an unpleasant pleasantness. It’s better than hearing traffic. It’s also better than hearing construction. I’d go as far to suggest that it’s better than hearing a lot of things out there, but that is not something that I quite feel like going into in any amount of depth beyond what it is that I have already said.

I’m wondering if there will be even more cockatoos next year. Perhaps there will, but I imagine that it depends on quite a few things. Still, for now the amount of cockatoos in the area is pleasant enough. Just need to remember to keep being careful when driving around them, but yeah.

Hopefully they don’t end up trying to take over everything on the street. Perhaps that would be a bit too much to try and deal with.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:45:21

Slow to write and kind of messy, but flows well I think.

Written at home.

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