Yoko Kanno: Pulse

This was written over three listens.

I’m not sure as to if I was aiming for anything in particular or not. Regardless, I feel that in some parts this is awkward, whereas others it’s smooth.

Yoko Kanno’s (菅野 よう子) “Pulse” is from the second soundtrack album for Macross Plus, Macross Plus Original Soundtrack II.

I hope you enjoy.

Static and a thunderous rumble. Then a sudden definitive noise, gliding, spreading into the vastness of space, or so it seems. It is settling down. Some sort of wooden percussion appears and something seems to ripple. Soon voice approaches. A brief pause for silence.

Quiet synth, steady beat and the vocals continue. A tiny beep repeats in the background, as percussive as the percussion. Quiet, almost tender sounds flow and form melody, then a moment for slight breathing.

The tender sounds almost seem to flow like water, though with a much greater weight in them, though this easily could just be a dawn rising and a day passing by. Vocals dance upon the rhythm and melody as something sounding like strings slightly flickers and blooms, though still very quietly. It is not for long, however, and the rhythm continues, almost feeling as idyllic and innocent as it does emotionally heavy.

Perhaps it is a transition into something else. Perhaps it is not the passing of the day and not in space and instead it is the sign of something switching from an idea of the idyllic into something different as innocence can no longer be preserved. Maybe in the gentle notes and steady beat it is about realising and accepting what lies ahead, regardless of how much one would rather not.

A gaining of space as percussion and vocals dominate. The strings return, though they too leave space and move tenderly. Steadily synth returns, as do other vocal sounds and the song fills out once more.

A dawn coolness seems to extend into the afternoon, even though the sun has risen. The sky, whilst bright, appears cool and calm and relaxed and perhaps a little muted. Clouds drift on by over the plains and their shadows move in step.

The music also moves, calmly, deliberately, constantly forward, constantly flowing, though instruments drop out, leaving voice and the beep, then only the beep as the song ends.


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