Nobuo Uematsu: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

This was written over one listen.

I didn’t overthink what I was writing; just went into it and mostly described some of what was happening in the song. Probably could’ve written more, but I’m content with the result.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII” (“F.F.VIIメインテーマ”) is from Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack. Surprisingly enough this soundtrack is the soundtrack for the game known as Final Fantasy VII.

I hope you enjoy.

Stirring strings move forward and find themselves answered by a sense of unknown and slight foreboding, but it’s not enough to stop. A slight bit of hesitancy, perhaps, but then a waking forward. The strings carry the calm and the gentle, and perhaps a sense of wonder. It’s all quiet but something is revealing itself. It’s the start of a journey and so much feels like its some sort of wonder, but it also is rather mundane. This is new, yet familiar all the same.

A switch around and light piano steps along in a fashion, following a path of woodwinds and strings. It’s light, airy and gentle; almost relaxing, though not entirely so.

Back to the main melody and now it is more grand and dramatic and flowing. More instruments move in harmony with each other, filling the space. Brass rises up, triumphant.

It all pulls back and the strings return to prominence, raising something ominous. Something approaches and it slowly builds, but perhaps it is not and really just the vastness of the world revealing itself. Either way, soon the music releases itself and draws out its notes, rising high, though without hitting the grand climax it suggests and instead remaining controlled. As soon as the climax appears as though it is done it twists itself into something far more dramatic, as though a sudden, drawn out cry of pain.

The music returns to its main melody once more as it fades out and the song ends.

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