Nobuo Uematsu: Over the Hill

Over two listens this was written.

I think I was going for a blend. Really not sure, but I think the writing is smoother than usual.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Over the Hill” (“あの丘を越えて”) is also known as “Crossing Those Hills”. The song is from Final Fantasy IX: Original Soundtrack, which, coincidentally enough, is the soundtrack for Final Fantasy IX.

I hope you enjoy.

A sound bubbling over strings holding and drawing out. It is gentle and peaceful, and almost as though waking up. There’s a small sense of joy and wonder. A sound emerges and comes to the forefront, then fades away as the main melody comes in.

All still is calm and relaxed, and perhaps a little whimsical. The new sound takes the lead and guides through searching and moving. Percussion comes in, as does bass and, filling out the new sound, something sounding like woodwind instrumentation.

The percussion picks up and now the melody flows into something else, becoming more lively and perhaps more adventurous. The sense of whimsy is still there, as is the calm, though there is a bit more excitement now. Perhaps this is an answer, or at least an implication of discovery and things are revealing themselves.

The melody dips and rises, over the hill and over the hills, and the journey continues, ever onward. There still are many more places to move toward, and so as instrumentation retracts and disappears the leading sound returns just before the song fades and ends.

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