Nobuo Uematsu: Terra’s Theme

This was written over three listens.

Wasn’t really aiming for anything in particular with this one. Just started with trying to get the start down and let it run from there. End result is a bit of a mess, but I think it’s okay at the very least.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Terra’s Theme” (“ティナのテーマ”), also known as “Terra” is from the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy VI Original Sound Version.

I hope you enjoy.

Strings and something akin to a scaling guitar fade in. Behind is a martial beat that becomes strong enough. It is neither too much nor not enough; it is just enough.

The main melody begins, driven by some sort of woodwind. Likely a flute. Underneath the bass percussion and strings all follow each other. The guitar alternates between plinking away and scaling. The music is dramatic and grand as the instruments draw out emotion and a sense of unknown.

There’s a strong seriousness to the whole thing, as well as a sense of tempering. The woodwind rises high and eventually brass comes in when there’s a shift in the melody, but it all seems muted and perhaps dulled. Not sharp, though not necessarily flat. There’s some sort of triumph in there, but it’s small in the face of many things.

A shift and the scaling guitar rapidly plays out. The strings become almost breezy and welcoming, almost reassuring in the face of some sort of hesitancy and fear. There is something that needs doing and there is little to be known, but all that soon will be approached can be faced, and new places will reveal themselves.

As the song loops the feelings are able to further lodge themselves. The pushing forward despite uncertainty finds itself becoming clearer, as does the sense of journey in a weary world. Continual pushing on through a world that seems mostly in a state of growth, though also in as much fear of strike as it is ready to push back.

And so the journey continues as the song ends.

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