Nobuo Uematsu: Dark World

Four listens for this one.

I had an idea for some lines that would work before writing this and I don’t think I used any of them.

I leaned heavily on a sense of the dramatic here which I think worked (to a point) as the song is quite dramatic.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Dark World” (死界”) is from Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version, the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VI.

I hope you enjoy.

Nothing but the sound of dry, eerie winds at first. It is stark, sombre and mournful. Despairing. What once was no longer is.

Very shortly after the winds organ comes in and it plays with a sense of horror and despair, almost as though it is a dirge. Strings play slow, mournful and fragile, carefully and bleakly moving along with the organ. The strike of a bell occasionally sounds out, building on the mood with its precise moments.

The organ rises slightly and as it does woodwinds come in and plays around the music’s structure. The rise slowly and oscillate at their end, almost as though they are unravelling. Almost as though they are disintegrating. They harmonise in a dispirited manner.

The world presented is not as it was before, though it is the same world. However, it is almost entirely unfamiliar. Locations are as they were, though only in some places; most has been reshaped and no longer resembles itself. Conflict with memory arises as this new form presents itself in a sudden manner. It is there and it is ever-present as the dry, eerie wind howls away and the song ends.


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