Nobuo Uematsu: Searching for Friends

Three listens for this one.

The approach here was much looser. Sort of aimed for a blend but also didn’t. Just let it all happen and… yeah. The below result.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Searching for Friends” (“仲間を求めて“), is from the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version.

There’s a reason as to why I’m writing about certain pieces written by Nobuo Uematsu at the moment. The plan I have only came to me today, so we’ll see if it comes to fruition once I get through what I’m currently doing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Strings rise and bass follows before dropping. A hi-hat fades in and the main melody begins.

The strings soar and glide as woodwind floats on top of them and bass moves in a varying way underneath. There is a drive here and even though the instruments are moving in different ways, they unify almost as one thing. The percussion too, though it never becomes more than the hi-hat and remains gentle. Something mixed in with the hi-hat follows along, barely audible, but still there.

The melody shifts and it continues its flow, perhaps with a bit of questioning in it, but there remains a sense of hope permeating. Not all is lost and there still is determination to work toward a better today. Muted sounds seem to operate with the woodwind as a form of call and response, and it is here that the woodwind rises above and looks forward, much like those that face a new dawn in a world that no longer as it was and continue on, resolute in their conviction.

The world may no longer be familiar and perhaps it now is more hostile, but that does not mean as though there should be giving up, for life continues on. Things are worth fighting for, regardless of the hopelessness of the situation, for all can be improved and so into a rising wind and with the determination to see things through, the journey continues as the song ends.

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