Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1049: Sounds of Crickets

Alright, so it is hot and I’m itchy but that is not what I am going to go on about this evening. Rather, instead this is just the introduction and I’ve written similar stuff to this before, so instead of that I think I will appreciate the night which is outside of this window which is right next to me. I can see out the window and I can see things.

There is a stillness. There is not a silence. The sounds of crickets can be heard and summer almost feels like it really is here. Even though the past two days have been particularly warm, hearing the sounds of insects right now makes this feel more like summer is arriving and is here. However, the breeze is cool and it is helping keep the place cool. I guess that’s how it works, or something.

Tonight is a time to relax and unwind, for the week ahead is going to be heavy. The week ahead is going to be intense and I need to be ready to take it on and work through it. Money and all that.

I listen to the sounds. I listen to the chirping and how it is far more rhythmic than it would usually appear… maybe… and I think about how there is a sort of music outside. Maybe it can be seen as tuneless noise, but there certainly is a tune and a melody coming forward. Maybe it is more percussive in nature, but it still has something to it. It still has musical qualities that can be brought forward and translated so as to be better understood, and in a way that’s beautiful. In a way that carries something. That carries meaning and message and… well, of course it does, and it’s likely all about procreation, but still, it’s special and it’s beautiful. It’s a great thing to hear. Hearing it means that there are insects about and if there are insects about there are other creatures. It means that there’s some sort of ecosystem out there that is continuing on and it’s something that’s good as it means biodiversity is greater. It means an area is healthier than without these things, and it’s something that we need to protect.

There are a lot of things we need to protect and we can do most, if not all of them. It’s something we need to think about and take more action on, and we need to do our best. A healthy environment is a strong environment and we can all do so much more to protect and rejuvenate, so we should do what we can.

Summer is not a season I’m fond of, but it would be deeply upsetting to not be able to hear the sounds of summer due to inaction. It would be something pretty distressing, I think. These sounds are, in a way, beautiful. To lose them would be a great mistake, and a great failing, if we didn’t bother.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:37:93

Slow and I wasn’t expecting to get heavy, but sometimes that’s just what happens.

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1 Response to Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1049: Sounds of Crickets

  1. Robert J Jr. says:

    Sometimes it is ok get “heavy” in writing. That is how most readers gain awareness! Write on!


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