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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 782: Definitely Need More Sleep

Another night short on sleep, but at least it was a little more than the prior night. Could be worse. Am awake, am doing stuff. Am now getting things out of the way, and a little earlier than in the … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 515: Exegesis of their Dint

So of course I am sitting here, looking for longer words to fill the void. Words such as “destitute”, “destitution”, and so on and so forth, for there needs to be less shortening and more lengthening in order to see … Continue reading

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Reindeer in the Shopping Centre

I’m a bit concerned with these reindeer, as it looks as though they’re going to plough right into the floor. Although, they most likely will pull up before that can happen. I used this photo as my thirty-sixth entry into … Continue reading

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This photo is my thirty-third submission into Leanne Cole‘s “Monochrome Madness“. The theme was “Bells”, but I did not recall having any bells I could use for a photo. Luckily there was one at work, so took a photo of … Continue reading

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Cloud above 河口湖 (Lake Kawaguchi)

Here are some dramatic photos of a cloud. I do like how dramatic they are as well as how strong the contrast between light and dark are. I also like how the light seems to be about to push everything … Continue reading

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