Eduard Artemyev: Stalker – Theme

Two listens for this one.
With the first I only listened so as to get a better feel for the song. I’ve heard it before but I wanted to go in with a slight bit more familiarity as my first listen was only recent. At least that is why I think I did the first listen.

Did it pay off? No idea.

I think the writing here is a bit stilted. I captured something but I don’t think I did a great job overall.

Eduard Artemyev’s (Эдуард Артемьев) “Stalker – Theme” is part of the soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker (Сталкер). It appears as though the soundtrack (or at least part of it) has been featured as part of compilations more than on its own, such as on Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, a release combining pieces from the three films that form the compilation’s title.

I hope you enjoy.

Notes ring out as though flickering in a breeze among an open landscape. Soon woodwind comes in and moves through the notes which soon start moving with the woodwind. They move together through a quiet openness and they move with a steady space.

Something underscores the sound and rises up but never to complete prominence and soon a chiming sound joins the flow and it’s almost as though everything is coming alive. That underscoring returns and follows along, as does something reminiscent of vocals.

Once more sound pulls away and returns, and the journey takes on a new shape. It seems to pause for some sort of reflection and acceptance and holds until it is time to resume.

Full again in an open and vast space of quiet and perhaps of solitude, the sounds are together but they feel lonely and mysterious, but they keep on going as they fade out and the song ends.

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