Nobuo Uematsu: Main Theme

Six listens for this one, though it feels like many, many more.
This one was a real challenge, partly due to being rather tired.
I think that if I had spent time breaking down the song and working on the writing without pressure this would have been much, much better.

Oh well.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Main Theme” (“メインテーマ“) is from All Sounds of Final Fantasy I•II. As its name suggests, this album is the combined soundtracks for Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II. This writing is about “Main Theme” from Final Fantasy.

I hope you enjoy.

Out into the field and so it commences. The journey is young and it is old, and it has begun. There is a sense of joy and the fantastic as the sounds drive the melody forward. An oscillation followed by a stepping down, then another set whilst a lower sound bops away.

At the right moment things seem like they speed up, or at least fill out. There perhaps a moment of triumph emerges, though only in the context of there being more adventure ahead. More adventure to be had. More journeying and exploring.

The music drives that forward and as it does so, reinforces the want to move forward and see more, and so even though it is short, the desires it carries persist, even as the song ends.

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