Nobuo Uematsu: Main Theme II

This was a struggle to write. It may have to do with the song’s length and its simplicity. Still, there is a fair bit that can be drawn out of it, I think.

At first I tried describing the instrumentation, but pretty quickly I switched what I was writing about and it remained a struggle over all five listens.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Main Theme” (“メインテーマ“) is from All Sounds of Final Fantasy I•II. As its name suggests, this album is the combined soundtracks for Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II. This writing is about “Main Theme” from Final Fantasy II.

I hope you enjoy.

A pensiveness fills the air as a journey across a land commences. Sounds draw out and play solemnly, looking over fields for what lies ahead, rising and falling, hoping to locate what needs to be found.

Perhaps there is a mourning in the music, for this is not an overly hopeful piece, but throughout the sound that comes forward and throughout all of its downcast feeling there remains a sense of hope. There still remains a sense of determination to push through. Perhaps it is a struggle that could last a long time and perhaps it will be one that seems insurmountable at the best of times, but in the face of seemingly-overwhelming odds there will remain resistance and in that resistance there will be some sort of eventual success.

Through the sounds comes the aftermath of devastation, as well as the effects of such a thing as it happens, but through this the journey continues, even as the song ends.

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