Nobuo Uematsu: Unknown Lands

Three listens for this one.

Here I was just aiming to write about the music in any way possible. As such I don’t think I gave much of an idea of the song itself, but still managed to describe it to some extent.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Unknown Lands” (“未知なる大地”) is from Final Fantasy V‘s soundtrack, Final Fantasy V Original Sound Version.

I hope you enjoy.

A string staccato whilst another instrument repeats a rise and fades into the background. bass comes in, slow and deliberate. Percussion also joins, playing both minimal and full and almost echoing in parts. The introductory instruments continue on, forming part of the melody and rhythm.

Atop the melody a woodwind slowly glides through unfamiliar and perhaps mysterious lands. As it continues its exploration the strings expand and underscore the journey, signalling a sense of uncertainty.

The instruments rise and in that rising there comes urgency at the edge, though it comes down with the conviction to press on, and in that moment some warmth comes through and so the journey in unfamiliar territory continues. The instrument repeating rises to follow, arpeggiating and reinforcing the mood. It does not fade here; instead it continues without abatement. It too looks to continue on and face adversity.

As the song returns and loops, all that was is reinforced, though as the lands themselves become more known the sense of focus increases. Whilst the unfamiliar remains, it becomes less of a distraction; It’s no longer as otherworldly as before and more so in a state of healing from devastation, and so the journey continues to prevent further impact as the song ends.

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