Kitarō: Space II

One listen for this one.

I was going to look at describing the sounds and instrumentation, but instead I went for trying to capture the feel.

I probably could’ve written more and maybe been a bit more descriptive, but alas.
Oh well.

Kitarō’s “Space II” is from Thinking Of You.

I hope you enjoy.

A low drone, upon which a bell and rising appear. Sounds of the waking dawn in the vastness of space call out, heralding the beginning of a cosmic odyssey.

Suddenly a greater driving percussion comes in and the music takes on a far more serious and perhaps sombre tone. The rhythm pulses as synths explore throughout the vastness. There seems to be an implied speediness, and yet the pace flows steady and carefully almost.

A shift into something else and the music takes on a darker tone. Almost sweeping into some sort of menace and uncertainty, though of course the journey breaks through it and continues on its looking into mysteries and exciting dangers, though of course with a sense of pressure keeping the drive.

Synths continue to call out and once more that menace and uncertainty returns, almost as though the precipice of failure is about to be crossed, and perhaps close it is drawn to, but once more it is avoided and once more the push goes on toward whatever lies ahead beyond what is visible. Through space and through the galaxy the urgency persists, though soon it fades away as waves come in, lapping at the sound as the song ends.

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