Desert Squid: Nanjing West Road

This was written over one listen and it was a bit easier to do so with this song as it’s a slower one, in a sense. Less business at least.

Not sure what I was going for here. Maybe a balance; no idea.

Desert Squid’s (沙漠鱿鱼) “Nanjing West Road” (“南京西路”) is from 上海/香港.

I hope you enjoy.

Something that may be a step, and the sound of traffic whilst slow, ambient sounds begin their approach. It is night.

Something fades into existence, hard, though also soft, then fades out. The sounds of traffic, of people comes back and then the sound returns. Almost as though a rotation between the specific and the vague, though calm.

Slowly the more ambient of sounds become more apparent and conjure up a dreamlike atmosphere, seemingly caressing and inviting into a lull of sorts. The urban state remains, but it seems to become less real and more fantasy. More mysterious and distant. Perhaps it is a suggestion, or an echo of what was.

The area remains busy, but there is a sense of being removed from it; from being disconnected from the space and moving through it, watching as an external spectator whilst being present, though eventually the dreamlike state ends. One last hard sound and the business of the street returns, just as the song ends.


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