The Tragically Hip: Man

This was written over two listens.

I didn’t aim for anything in particular other than trying to capture the song.
Probably could’ve done a bit of refining, but I’m mostly content with how this reads, so yeah.

The Tragically Hip’s “Man” is from Man Machine Poem.

I hope you enjoy.

Warped vocals getting the words “I’m a Man”, among others, out. Then a sudden percussive hit followed by soft percussion, followed by gentle guitar, then more of a defined beat. The song is rising for a dawn, though perhaps it is heralding it.

Soft ambient sounds gently caress the music and keep things nice and easy. Bass comes in, as still in motion as it is fluid. Clearer vocals soon follow, almost haunting, though also relaxed, easy and confident. More sounds eventually build up, filling the song a little more, but preserving space; trying to avoid cluttering.

Some of the sounds peel back, giving more room; The vocals move quickly, slowly and layered. Scattered, though certain of where they are. Gentle guitar comes back, playing alongside the steady rhythm, adding texture and depth.

Something more electric makes an extended appearance in at what could be a chorus and the song is now heralding the dawn even more. It’s almost celebratory in sound, though there seems to be something a little darker hidden underneath. Still, the sounds don’t spend much time highlighting such possibility and instead keep their relaxed, textured sounds going.

The clear vocals ring out and soon something a little more quirky comes in. The warped vocals return for a brief period and soon after they leave the clear ones return. The percussion gets bigger and more striking, though it does not become any more imposing.

Sounds quickly drop out and the focus falls on the vocals and the percussion, continuing to reach out whilst looking to make a connection. However, this focus is brief and on one final, reverberant percussive beat the song ends.

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