One Thousand Word Challenge 145: Writing a Thing

So I was writing this thing about a hike and I was going to stretch it out as much as I could, but I don’t think I’m awake enough for such writing at the present moment. As such, instead I’m going to write about something else.

There is a concern that I might just fall asleep as I do this. If I do, the timer won’t stop. It will keep on going and if it keeps on going whilst I am asleep when I am not meant to be asleep, then I shall end up causing issues for myself as the timer needs to be stopped but it would be up to me to stop it and I would not be able to as I may just very well be in a place called the place of dreams, which is in a state of dreaming.

I don’t know if I would definitely want to be there, but all things considered it is not the worst place to be. There are other, far worse places to be and surely that must account for something at the end of the day in a series of days where there are attempts to account for something, if anything at all.

Sop anyway, I would be there and I would be embracing the dream logic that comes with being in a state of dreaming as I likely would lack the option of choice, though I certainly would have the illusion of the option of choice presented to me and as such I would actually be at the mercy of wherever this land of dreaming would lead and take and push and coerce and direct and all of those other things. It would all be a very specific and wonderful thing, though perhaps also terrifying in places. I need to remember that it could be terrifying.

Maybe it would be completely terrifying and that would of course be something that I would need to deal with in one way or another. If I didn’t deal with it, then that’s on me. If I did deal with it, well… I guess that is still on me. Then again, I don’t know as to how I’d go about dealing with something if I didn’t have a choice or say in the matter. I guess I’d be in a bit of a pickle, though of course I’d come out of it all okay as it would just be dreaming and I’d eventually wake up from it and I’d be safe, though perhaps a little perturbed. Not sure if I’d want to wake up feel such a way, but I would and so that is also something that I’d need to grapple with, though on the plus side the feeling would likely fade pretty quickly and therefore I’d just be able t0o get on with whatever it is that I’d need to get on with.

However, there also is the possibility that I’d have a pleasant dream due to being in a state of having pleasant dreams and then I’d wake up feeling fine. However, I’m not sure if I’d want that either. Maybe I want some sort of balance between the two and then I could ride that off into the sunrise, though it’d probably be better to ride off away from the sunrise as riding into the path of the sun isn’t exactly a good idea. It’d be right in front of me and I’d have to deal with its existence and the light would be hurting my eyes and all of that other stuff. That and I don’t have a horse of which I can ride around upon and so it’d be more like a long slow march toward oblivion, or something.

Perhaps I’m overthinking this whole thing and what I really should be considering is the need to not fall asleep whilst I write this as I’m writing at the present moment and the need to get this done before the next thing is more important than what could happen if I fall asleep.

I’m not sure if I can get to the end of this without falling asleep, but if I do I need to find a way to stop the timer whilst I reach that state of not being exactly fully conscious of my immediate surroundings.

Maybe I can swing my hand in such a manner that it touches the “stop” button and that way as I fall asleep I have one less worry to worry about. Maybe that would work, and if it did then I’d be set. There is a good chance that the dreams would also be alright and so I’d wake up in a state of neutrality. That’d be a fine thing, I think. There are better things but there also are worse things and so I think waking up in a state of neutrality would be the best situation here.

I also need to consider the fact that I need to sleep comfortably which is something that I don’t do often enough and that is a problem. In this particular instance I’d fall asleep at my desk and considering all the surfaces are hard, it would not be comfortable. Still, at the same time I am thankful for being able to sleep in a place that is sheltered and in a manner that allows me to complain about comfort and the like, but that has little to do with the need to not fall asleep whilst I write all of this out.

So long as I don’t fall asleep right now I should be fine, but there is no telling as to what will happen from here. There is every possibility that I could fall asleep before I finish this sentence. Unfortunately I don’t know if that will actually be the case, but I need to keep it in mind as I write all of this out, but I hope that I stay awake long enough to finish this.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 12:07:05

This sort of feels like a continuation of the previous writing.
Compared to most of the things I write, this also feels really focused.

Written at home.

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