Peter Gabriel: Red Rain

One listen for this one.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a few days. Not sure as to why I hadn’t until now, but here it is and I’m not sure if it’s specific or vague.

Probably doesn’t matter too much.

Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain” is from So.

I hope you enjoy.

A hi-hat fades into view, along with a low hum in the background. The loud percussive strike and more sounds come forth, grand and massive in their presentation. The song fully blooms and Peter Gabriel’s voice comes in, husky, emotive and clear.

A shift in the flow and the music embraces a bit of space to help define its rhythm. Various sounds float in and out, driven mostly by the synth. The vocals become increasing excited before a sudden shift back to the opening, now functioning more as a chorus. Low and dramatic, though only compared to the verses.

And so it cycles back until yet another chorus, which then is followed by the instruments allowed a bit more breathing. The drama and drive stretch a bit more as keys move over the drum beat. Eventually the vocals come back to build on what is happening, feeling as free as they do controlled.

Once more a chorus, though seemingly with livelier percussion and a greater sense of melancholy. Then another shift and Peter Gabriel wails over the music for a brief period of the instruments getting about as loud and dramatic as they can.

Once more to the chorus. At a point the instruments start to pull away, leaving little behind Peter Gabriel’s voice as he continues to sing of the red rain coming down all over him at the song’s end.

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