One Thousand Word Challenge 148: I Started off Trying to Write Fiction and Successfully Failed at Doing so

And so it was that a series of events befell the surroundings in an order that implied some sort of order in the order of orders that allows for orders to be ordered.

There was no telling at the time, for everyone was in shock, but soon it would dawn upon their existence that nothing would be the same henceforth. Sometimes that was the unfortunate nature of reality that they had to deal with, but dealing with it was not something that was happening on that particular day.

They would eventually realised, but they would never find out why or how. It didn’t really matter that much anyway. What really mattered is that there were a series of events that seemed disturbing in some manner, in that they created shock and a break from a routine that had been carefully plotted out by many over successive generations.

As it was in the morning, people were just going about their usual business. No one in particular felt a need to break away from the norm and there were little signs, if any, that anything away from the norm should’ve been done. However, that was only the beginning of the beginning of the beginning. There still were plenty of layers to go and there were still plenty of events to happen.

Those events, whoever, were to happen in rapid success and be so fast as to catch everyone by surprise.

It was a sunny day and as it was sunny, the shining sun shone down upon the earth below. There was birdsong and there were other things that could be considered a song of sorts. There were plenty of things, as it were.

Some things did not even exist yet but they too were there, for there were many things out there and in those many things there were some things that seemed to be things that were not things and some of the things that were not things were things but only viewed from a certain angle. If not viewed at the correct angle then those things would not appear to be things and those things not appearing to be things due to being viewed from the incorrect angle were going to have a hard time of being anything as anything that was trying to be anything was going to turn out to be nothing and in that turning out to be nothing there was nothing to anything and nothing to it also.

Then again, perhaps there is and this is all being overthought in a ridiculously convoluted way. However, that’s not the point of this bit of writing, of which I will get to eventually, but for now I will find a thing to say and follow that tangent as I don’t want to complete this.

I don’t want to see this bit of writing end as that would mean that then I have to face the fact that the day is over and I have to stop resting so I can rest so I can do the driving tomorrow. That is not something that I want to face. However, I do need to face it as, if I don’t, then I won’t be able to do the driving tomorrow as I’ll be too tired and therefore that will cause some issues and so on and so forth and you get the idea.

Now that I’ve said my piece, I guess it really is time to get back on track. I need to focus. I need to stay in the zone. I need to carry on and then once I’m done carrying on I need to rest and relax and find the way forward so that there no longer are any issues with going forward, or something.

I need to find out what this was all about. I think there was something about some sort of event and that event meant that things changed. Well, change is inevitable and that probably was going to be the moral at the end of this, or the meaning and it was going to be expressed in a way that was not profound whatsoever for I don’t feel like being profound right now. However, maybe I do feel like getting lost, but I wouldn’t want to be lost for too long as that would mean that things would happen and I would not be able to partake in those happenings and I’d rather partake as that would mean then that I get to be a participant of some sort and so on and so forth and you get the idea.

So I think that what I’m really saying is that I have no intention of resuming the story I started here and so therefore this will remain unfinished and in pieces and all of those other things that I can say that somehow make me sound cool but not really as I’m just killing time and wasting it all and in the end that’s a bad thing to do, but sometimes you do the bad to get the good, or something.

But anyway, there was this event that was a series of events and in these events there were things that were happening and these people in this region were never going to see their lives in the same way for everything was going to be revealed in a manner that would be revelatory rather than banal, but of course they would not realise it as of yet. It would take some time due to the sheer shock of what it was that was happening and all of those other things that were not happening as they were not viewed from the right angles and it was a little cloudier than expected, but sometimes you can’t consider the weather unless you really want to put a dampener on your day, though sometimes you should regardless…

So anyway, I’m not finishing this. I want to keep on writing, but I’ve got to go to sleep.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 10:54:15

I’ve written worse stuff.

Written at home.

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1 Response to One Thousand Word Challenge 148: I Started off Trying to Write Fiction and Successfully Failed at Doing so

  1. Robert J Jr. says:

    Once you start reading you are pulled deeper within wanting to know where this is going and if it is really truly going or am going and it is merely with me and riding along.


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