A Racing Story

I’m once more engaging in NaNoWriMo.

This was one of the things I’ve written for the event thus far and it was written under time constraints. Early on there was a shift in what I was writing. I had an idea and tried to pursue it a bit. Unfortunately I ended up with a bit of a mess. Still, I’ve decided to share it as I’m probably going to go back and rewrite this sooner rather than later and want this here for comparison’s sake.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

And so they were off.

There was a need to get around a bend and then there would be a lengthy, straight part, but the race was on and it was varied and it was many other things. For instance, there was a need to express expression in an expressive way through this race and it was one that had a lot riding on it. There was the possibility that it would represent hope. There was also the possibility that it would represent failure. Maybe there would be success, but it was already known that there would be someone who would not come out on top.

It was even possible that no one would come out on top, but that was the nature of this race, in which there was danger present and few were free to express in the manner of which they felt was important to express. Then again, expression had little to do with the race itself; it was more about getting from the start to the finish and getting there however it could be done, so long as it could be done honourable; something of which few people ever did. However, for some reason, on this particularly momentous occasion, the two racers behaved in what one would describe as an honourable fashion.

And so the race had begun and it had commenced and it was in the progress of progressing, and in that progression they did move with a speed that could best be described as at an accelerated pace. There was no going slow and there was no behaving slowly; there was only movement in the forward direction and there was only the embracing of that movement. Sometimes there were turns but of course there were going to be turns. There were always going to be turns.

Occasionally there were twists too, but those twists were seldom.

One of them began to wonder as to why they were racing and thought that perhaps there were better uses of their time. After all, they didn’t actually have any stakes in this and were merely doing it due to the pressure to do the race. They felt there were better things that they could be doing with their time. Maybe they were wrong, but they likely were correct in this line of thinking, and so slowly, yet surely they began to slow on down and in that slowing down they found themselves relaxing a little more.

Suddenly there was less stress. There was less buzzing around them and they didn’t feel the need to keep on participating. Their opponent noticed this and they too decided to slow down to see what was going on. They then came to a stop and in that coming to a stop they found that they too were feeling a little less stressed. However, they were determined to have an honest win and they wanted to have a challenge. They didn’t want to win due to someone else’s decision to stop; they wanted to win due to their having a challenge and getting past that challenge. They wanted to be tested and they wanted to be left satisfied with the victory.

They walked over to where the other person was and they looked at them. One might suggest that they looked at each other. There was staring and in that staring there was an understanding. There was going to be no conclusion to the race today, for the race had already been fought and won and lost.

In this particular instance no one was going to win. It was a done deal. Sure, one would cross the finish line, but they would be denied the win that they wanted, for the other was done with the racing. They didn’t care as to what would happen to them at this stage. They wanted out. They didn’t want to have to wear the pressure of success anymore. They wanted to do what they wanted to do and they were done with doing anything else.

Both understood this and so the one who wanted challenge decided to head on back to their vehicle and drive on to the finish line. It was a hollow victory, and one that would eat away at them, for their opponent had disappeared.

After a lengthy stretch of time they decided that it would be time to find their opponent. They desired answers and so answers were going to be what they were going to try and get.

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