One Thousand Word Challenge 162: Gloomy Day Ramble

In doing this right now I’ve a bit of a backlog before uploading anything else, but I’m feeling pumped, as they say, and I feel like writing.

I was going to write some sort of fiction but I’ve a little more to conjure before I do. Really should though as these writings expressing malaise and doubt and all of those other things are getting a little tiring. Need to move away from the overtly personal and get back to the external. Need to get back to that. Need to get ready and work out and do the things. Need to do all the things that can be done.

Need to find a way of expressing without necessarily expressing. There is a way and there is a path forward and I need to discern it.

Probably need to stop writing about paths.

So anyway, it is a grim and gloomy day and I sit in this room of artificial light. I sit in this room that, through the power of electricity, allows me to discern where objects are in relation to other objects. It would probably be better to say objects in relation to myself, but that is not something I’m going to say. I’m going to stick with this train of thought that renders myself as an object as I probably am an object and that is fine. That is a fine thing to accept so therefore I am accepting my being an object and in accepting that it makes it easier to try and communicate whatever it is that I am trying to get across this morning.

Of course I need to try and work out what that might be as working that out will allow me to move forward in the way that I need to move forward and therefore people will get the information.

You see, there is a hidden message in here. However, I don’t see it; hence you see, for you will. Then again, maybe there is no hidden message and once more I am deceiving myself so that I can elevate the writing in my head. I can embrace the delusions of grandeur that just aren’t there. I can embrace them and in embracing them I can write better things and it just keeps on going until the end of whatever.

Maybe I need to stop doing this and just get on with trying to get things across, but that takes time and time is of the essence and if time is of the essence, then what is the essence exactly? Does the essence provide time? Does it shed it off in small clumps and then the time is passed to others out there who then distribute time in roughly even portions so that everyone gets a fair shake of the so-called sauce bottle?

I think I might be overthinking this.

Anyway, there is something to get across here and it is coming across. Is it my dearth of ideas? No. That is not a thing at all. There is no such thing as a dearth of ideas when it comes to me and anyone who says otherwise is incorrect and trying to slander my character; something of which I am greatly unappreciative of, so I humbly request that that does not happen. I could fight it, sure, but that would take more energy and time than I have so therefore I will not do that. I will just keep on going with whatever it is that I am keeping on going with and keep the request active and present.

The request needs to be at the forefront of everything now, but that too requires effort and so that is something that I won’t do… maybe. Maybe I will do it and keep all that is as was as now the request has to be at the forefront of everything.

I will need to go around and tell people this and I will need to write it everywhere. In my photos the text advising as such will be there and that does actually sound like a lot of work for no real reason so I think that, rather than continuing on with that thought, I might call it a day (even though it is a thought) and instead just move toward whatever else there is to ramble on about at this particular juncture in time.

There actually isn’t much time left before I need to start work, so I think that instead of rambling on I’ll try and focus a little. That is a more effective use of my time at the moment and I’d rather be effective than ineffective when it comes to the use of my time. There are things that I need to tackle and ramble on about at other places, so consider this the section where this bit of writing closes. It ends this bit of writing and it ends it in a way that hopefully makes sense.

Rather than certainty it is most definitely a state of hopefulness as when I get to the end of these I usually find myself getting stuck on the last few words and as such try to make them organised in a way that closes things off. As such usually the last few words feel cramped in a way that comes off as unpleasant, but considering this lengthy and bloated blog doesn’t really offer much other than unpleasantness due to the offense to the sensibilities of writing it often puts forward, the last few words of any bit of writing here isn’t out of what could be considered the ordinary and therefore I’m just going to end this sentence here.

Well, it looks like there’s a little bit more before the end is reached, but sometimes that’s just the way things go and so therefore I need to come up with something a little more succinct. Then again, I probably don’t, but I’m sure that this will end with a few more words.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 11:33:70

This one was written earlier today. It’s kind of okay. Kind of.
The part about the dearth of ideas works alright, but the stuff around it is just noise.

Written at home.

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