One Thousand Word Challenge 161: Getting Distracted Again

So the heat spreads and it spreads outward. That makes sense as it doesn’t spread into itself as that would be spreading inward and we don’t want the heat to do that as that would not make much sense. Of course though the heat also disappears and it often disappears as rapidly as it appears, but that is the way that things go on the odd day among a raining period.

Maybe the day is not odd and I only see it as such as it might just feel odd, or something. That is something hat I need to address, but I will address it at a future date, for at the present moment the current aim is to do the writing and get it done and then forget about it for a while, as I need to forget about doing this writing so I can do the next writing. Or something.

So anyway, I might see if I can get this done under nine minutes but I’m not quite holding my breath. I don’t think I can do it and I’m not quite interested in trying to do so, but I might see if I can. I might see if I can accelerate beyond a point so that my writing becomes so ridiculous that you can’t even perceive it, or something. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I’m writing this out and as I write this out it creates itself and through the medium of me another text comes into existence.

Maybe I need to stop thinking about this so much and change the gears. I need to move toward a different gear and slow down a lot. Maybe I need to think about slowing down and in that thinking about slowing down maybe I can then address things in a better, clearer manner. I don’t know if that really will happen; I think I’ll actually struggle a lot more now that I’ve done so many of these challenges, but you never know with this kind of thing. I mean, sure, you will likely get a lot of the same coming out en masse, but sometimes there could be a shift toward something a little different and in that shift a new work comes forward and so on and so forth.

Anyway, I think I’ve said all that I can say and in saying all that I can say I guess I should look at wrapping this up. However, there remains quite a while to go and I don’t like that. I feel I’ve come up short here so I guess the eternal struggle becomes apparent and so I need to now look at twisting my words away from the ending and toward a new future. I need to move toward a new dawn and see what lies ahead. I can do that and maybe I will, but maybe I won’t. It can be difficult to discern the actual way forward sometimes, but sometimes that’s just the way that things go.

I need to stop getting distracted. In writing this I’ve already become quite distracted a few times and it really isn’t good for the process of writing. However, I keep on doing it. I keep on letting myself get distracted and that isn’t exactly what I’d describe as a good thing. Maybe it’s a bad thing, but at least it has shifted the tone of this writing toward something else. Something about being distracted where the focus comes through and now there is a subject. There is a subject and having that subject allows me to further the writing. It allows me to better the writing as there is now something to grab onto. That is a good thing… maybe. Maybe it is not.

Maybe I’ve just done this far too much and my trying to find a subject means that I’m grasping at straws. The subject of getting distracted is not exactly what one might describe as an exciting one, but it is one and that is something to go off. It is something that can be spun into something else and perhaps that too is a form of distraction. Perhaps all of this is a distraction and all I’m doing by writing this is distracting myself in ways that I shouldn’t be as there are dishes that need doing but instead of doing them I’m doing this and in doing this I’m postponing the inevitable, but such is the way of things on the odd occasion that there are indeed actually things.

Still, getting distracted has been a great bane of my existence and I need to work on not getting distracted as I’m good at getting distracted and getting distracted is something I don’t want to do anymore. Well, maybe I do, but not always as I’m tired of always getting distracted. It eats up too much time and that is time I could be doing things where I don’t; get distracted. Therefore, I am going to do my best to stop getting distracted and instead focus on what it is that I need to focus on.

Maybe I need to start over again with everything and just put down everything that I already have in front of me. Sure, it would hurt, but it would be better than having the massive backlog of things I need to do. I would be able to start again and starting again might just be a good thing. Maybe it would be the best thing. I don’t know.

I wasn’t planning on writing this. I wanted to write something about heat and spend a bit of time on writing about heat, but instead this is what came forward. Such is life and such is the way of things, but I do kind of wish the original idea came forward instead. Oh well. It’s not the worst thing to happen so I guess it’s all good, so I’ll just try and wrap this up now.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 10:44:20

This was written yesterday. By the time I finished I was really tired which is probably why I didn’t share this then.

Not great writing. Feels like the writing is getting worse.

Written at home.

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