Sophia: It’s Easy to be Lonely

This was written over two listens and I feel that that was a good amount to get something down.

I think that some of this is alright but I descended into a bit of a mess. I think that may be due to suddenly shifting focus. Maybe.

Sophia’s “It’s Easy to be Lonely” is from As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours).
It is also from As We Make Our Way (The Live Recordings).

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar strums away alongside ambient sound. Slowly they go down, reaching low before looping. The vocals come in, seemingly aching. Words that seem to hang in the air come forward, careful and precise.

There’s a shift and now some more instrumentation comes in. It’s almost a moment of anxiousness and hesitation. It starts to build, then transitions into something similar to the song’s beginning commences. Bass plays simple and striking, as does the percussion. Brass in the background emphasises and punctuates, and once more the vocals come in. There’s a fragility, though also a sense of strength.

Once more a shift and the music fills with grandeur. A sense of freeing; of casting off weight. A catharsis. A comfort and a release. The music begins to soar as the instruments push on forward. A choir comes in, reinforcing the emotion. In the final moments of the song the instruments rise up, creating a moving climax that flows and blossoms and spreads out, then finds a final note and draws it out at the song’s end.

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