Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1042: Passed on by

The day passes on by and the sun sets over another series of buildings that compromise a city and the day passes as it always has. The mundane and the banal reign supreme and it all seems to drift on by and drift on away. There is a strong desire to break free from all of this and create a new world and path and follow that, but of course watching the clouds pass on by and seeing the sun rise and set over gray slabs and people rushing here and there must happen. There must be observation. There must be rest. There must be following routine.

It all seems so standard and yet there is so much that happens within any given day, and perhaps there is a sense of beauty in that. Perhaps there is a sense of beauty in the passing of time and seeing the repetition that plays on out. Perhaps it is less mundane and banal than it seems, but seeing it happen all the time makes it seem as such.

Perhaps it really is all about perspective and the only real way forward is to shift perspective. Perhaps all of this really is fantastic. Maybe all of its dullness is just from exposure and all that has been done and is happening right now shows just how amazing and wonderful everything is. Still, the desire to break free and go elsewhere remains strong, and perhaps it needs to be followed, for the city can feel like it traps people.

Sometimes the drifting of the sky and the passage of time seems like it can be stuck on a loop that slightly changes in minor ways with each repeat, but it’s so easy to ignore until you realise that you’ve gotten yourself stuck in this thing and so you set out to create a new world, but there needs to be the realisation that a change of scenery does not necessarily mean a change in routine. Life may remain the same in many ways and as such there may be no pleasure or greater excitement pulled from something different. With that being said, there is no denying that even if there is a slip into the banal and mundane whilst among a different environment, there also can be just as much of the fantastic. Plenty of things may reveal themselves that were not apparent beforehand and there may be the discovering of more of the self among the drifting of the sky.

It still would be the same sky but perhaps the backdrop will be a little less gray. The passage of time would remain, but things may feel different. Things may be more noticeable at first, though they too could bleed into each other and once more it may just be all a great blur where little appears to be different. Still, it would be a chance to find a new world and a new path to follow and see if it leads anywhere.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:50:33

I’m not sure what my thinking was here, though I do remember feeling this was too dramatic as I was writing.

Written at home.

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