Mouse on the Keys: Stars Down

Written over one listen.

I think I was mostly just looking to capture the song as it progressed but I didn’t think too much about the approach which may have been a good thing. I’m really not sure. The song is sort of dark in a way, but not violently so; it has a particular sound which I don’t think I did the best job in capturing, but I do think I gave a bit of an idea of how it progresses.


Mouse on the Keys’ “Stars Down” is from tres.

I hope you enjoy.

A slow beat plays out, steady, drawing out. Vocals appear, harmonising and piano twinkles away in the background. A low bass line comes in, brooding and weighted as the vocals keep moving along the rhythm. They rise and fall, almost like percussion in parts.

Piano continues its twinkling, though with more space and fragility. Then the melody rises and lowers, carefully, smartly, almost with a slickness that belies a sense of unease. It’s smooth; slickly so.

There’s a return to the main pattern and all remains steady. Piano seems to gently cascade downward and the vocals move around it. A pause in all, then the piano plays on with an implied drama and the vocals follow suit. It is a gentle moment offering a pause of sorts.

The vocals lift and the music plays louder, though retaining its steadiness. A power comes forward and expresses the grandness of the mood as the vocals flow on around all the instruments that play on. However, it comes to a stop and the piano cascades downward once more. The other instruments play at specific points, creating a base of sorts, the vocals call out one last time and the piano plays its last note at the song’s end.

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