Peter Gabriel: Sky Blue

This was one listen, but I had to rewind a little at one point.
The reason being is that I paused the song for a reason for which I cannot remember.
By the time I returned I couldn’t remember what the part I was covering at the time of pausing sounded like and had to start it again. It made it easier to finish this, but I should’ve just continued on and let the song repeat instead, I feel.

I wanted to describe the song but I don’t feel I did a good job of doing so. However, I do feel I captured something, though what that something is I’m not sure of.

Peter Gabriel’s “Sky Blue” is from Up.

I hope you enjoy.

Something soft and seemingly muted appears vague at a distance. Soon it comes more into view, anchored by something lower, deeper. Vocals approach, revealing a dryness to the sounds that remain calm, and somehow pulsing.

Random strikes of sound follow a sense of rise that settles quickly. The sounds continue onward and after a second strike the sounds shift and fill and grow into something more looking for an emotional emphasis. It stretches and reaches out before snapping back.

A beat finds itself solidified and more clear, though the dryness remains. Vocals continue with a strong sense of passion and move onward along with the other sounds before returning to a chorus.

The chorus fills out more. There is movement around the main body and a sense of interweaving to produce something a little richer in sound. Eventually this gives way to a new section that seems to find a sense of grandeur without going too big. It stays grounded and keeps things going before pulling away.

Piano and vocals come in and almost feel comforting. There’s a warmth and a closeness, yet it still manages to feel distant. The beat returns, gentle, and slowly other instruments come in and there’s a tenderness, though it seems as though at any moment things will become massive, but instead of doing so the sounds pull away.

One last vocal grouping, one last pressing of the keys and the song ends.

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