Natural Life Essence: Dune [Beginning]

One listen for this one.

I wanted to go for imagery but I didn’t quite know how to go about it, so I tried to go for what the song (and the album as a whole) seemed to be trying to go for. Considering the album’s structure I probably could’ve done the whole thing in one go and maybe that would’ve led to something interesting, but I didn’t and I ended up with some light waffle.

I feel the song does capture the idea of a desert, but at the same time it doesn’t quite. It could be inspired by the novel Dune, but I’ve no idea.

Natural Life Essence’s “Dune [Beginning]” is from Dune.

I hope you enjoy.

Something pulses. It is distant and faint at first, but gradually it comes into view.
Soon a wideness becomes apparent and all become expansive. Smoothed out and seemingly endless, the expanse consumes all and it is all the same in all directions. The form and the shape may change, but it remains constant. It continues onward.

Crests of low hills and shallow valleys appear under a sky as bright as it can be dark. When it is bright the details are as clear as they are blurred; when it is dark there is little to guide the way.

Wisps of sounds lift up on a strong, yet seemingly distant breeze. The landscape changes over time whilst remaining utterly still. Some features stand out but it all seems to be a vague shimmer that reveals little other than a suggestion of detail and something distinct. It’s muffled, muted and vague to the point where it could not be there.

Other sounds seem to cradle and guide for the way forward in a changing land. In that guiding something comes more to the forefront. Something approaches, but it never quite get there and instead flickers in and out, and eventually it too seems to fade.

A sense of calm falls over the landscape, though that calm can be deceptive. However, in this instance it is not, and as the journeying continues onward the song ends.

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