Masashi Hamauzu: The Gapra Whitewood

This ended up being over two listens but I didn’t write much for the second.
After the first I felt I could write more but on the second I found myself not adding much. Oh well.

I sort of remember the setting for when this song plays but it has been a good long while since I went through that part of Final Fantasy XIII, so I feel that in a sense that distance worked in my favour. Not sure. Regardless, it wasn’t enough for me to get a good deal across and so this feels incomplete.

Masashi Hamauzu’s (浜渦 正志) “The Gapra Whitewood” (“ガプラ樹林”) is from Final Fantasy XIII‘s soundtrack, Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack.

I think I spend too much time writing about music from The Final Fantasy series.

I hope you enjoy.

Whilst low notes draw out a shaded palette of shining sounds spreads out. Slowly a form and melody become apparent and a sense of peace comes through. Beat comes in and it plays quickly but remains calm and seemingly distant in a lot of places. Vocals spread across and seem to carry a sense of sound more than they do a sense of word.

Soon it shifts and sounds draw out more. Some sounds are brief wisps that shine on through; others are a form of beauty that carries through the vegetation. The wonder of the environment is stated and whilst it is new to experience, it also seems familiar.

Gentleness moves on as the sounds continue on. Sounds draw as others compress and it carries on through with that sense of wonder, but only briefly and it all seems to stop.  A sound steps and dots, left to trail off on its own, and the song ends.

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