Killing Joke: On All Hallow’s Eve

This was sort of more of an exercise as I haven’t done anything today and I want to avoid doing anything too late in the evening.

I feel I should’ve gone for a few more listens and maybe fleshed out the writing, but alas, that was not to be and so I am now with these words that seem to lack a bit of depth and all that. Rather surface, but most of my writing is so it’s not different from the norm.

Killing Joke’s “On All Hallow’s Eve” is from MMXII.

I hope you enjoy.

A groove over something sounding like vocals descends and it seems much in a celebratory manner. Guitar plays simple whilst vocals soft and processed express a fondness for those that once were.

Soon the sounds explode and become massive and far more impassioned. The vocals raise higher and all is wide and even more celebratory.

It does not last and soon the groove and “softness” returns. Gentle vocals coast along sounds and it seems more like a slight build, but soon there’s a return to massiveness.

There is a sense of respect and celebration, of festivities and a sense of reverence. Whilst a slight sadness, all is joyous for that which was and the sounds continue on, gelling together well. However, it does soon end and pull away, and after most stops a slight bit of guitar seems to fray as the song ends.

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