Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1114: Some Public Transport Stuff

There was a lot of driving done today and it wasn’t due to work or anything remotely resembling work, but let me tell you, it certainly felt like work. This was not helped by a number of wrong turns leading to increased travel distance as well as a bit of a sidestep somewhere around the rough middle of the day that added a fair bit more time than I had anticipated. However, I’m not going to get into that.

There was a lot of time for thinking, but it was not the kind of introspection that I would normally expect to do on a long drive. I was still firmly within the confines of Sydney and I wasn’t driving what one would consider to be a long distance. There was a long distance covered, but it was not long distance driving.

Now I sit here and I think about how much of the driving could’ve been avoided. Probably not much, but the amount of time saved had no wrong turns been taken would’ve been a great boon. Sometimes taking a wrong turn can add something to a journey other than time and distance, but in this case there was no gain that could be seen as a positive. Such is life.

On the plus side there was driving at a fast speed and there was driving at a slow speed. There was driving at various speeds and some of it was good. However, not all of it and sometimes I wonder as to how much better some of the roads I drove upon would be if they were only for public transport.

I can only imagine that if there was more public transport available in certain areas (at a reasonable price), then more people would take to it rather than take to private vehicles. There’s always talk of driving less but it’s not easy to drive less when it costs more and takes more time to take public transport than it does to drive.

Public transport should be more readily available in a lot of areas and it puzzles me as to why it is not. These are areas that have a lot of private vehicle use, even if it the vehicle is used to drive to the nearest train station. If there were more buses around and they were financially viable for people to use more often than they did drive, then I imagine you’d reduce the amount of traffic which would likely lead to more people getting to where they’d need to sooner rather than later. There’s probably a lot of complexity that goes into the dynamics of traffic and so I’m likely oversimplifying a really complex issue, but I still feel that incentivising public transport would go a long way in providing a net benefit to everyone who needs to spend time commuting to get to wherever they need to go.

Well, that’s my thought for today. In conclusion, incentivising public transport is likely a good thing.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:19:32

A bit more clear and concise than usual and I think that’s a good thing.
I wasn’t sure as to what I was going to write about and I meandered a fair bit at the start, but I got there in the end.

Written at home.

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