One Thousand Word Challenge 183: Lazy Sunday Thoughts

Sometimes the afternoon just drags on out and there’s little that you can do about it so you don’t do anything. Sometimes this is a good thing, but maybe not always. Right now it seems like a good thing as I’m feeling relaxed and feeling relaxed is the way to be at times like this. There is little cloud cover and I doubt the sunset will be strong, but I sit here and I type away and I’m just enjoying the day.

There’s little else to say about it really; it is a busy day but it is an easy day also and sometimes that’s a good thing. What else can I say about today?

It might be a good day for thinking but I might only be thinking that it is a good day for thinking. There is every possibility that today is not good for thinking and I only think that it is a good day for thinking. That said, I also think that it’s a good day for just sitting here and taking it all in. There is a lot out there that can be soaked into… that you can soak in and some of it comes in here and there and you get bits and pieces and then once you’ve soaked in enough you need to squeeze it all out so that you can soak in some more. We’re a bit like sponges in that we absorb so much and squeeze out sop much and leave very little remaining, and perhaps that is a bad way to take in information as you only want to squeeze out what could be viewed as unnecessary, though sometimes a lot of information is unnecessary.

Sometimes I think about what is and is not considered unnecessary information and I think that has a lot to do with my day job, but I’m pretty sure it’s a very situational thing. Sometimes more information is necessary and sometimes less is necessary. Sometimes you’ve got to do a lot of cutting to get to what it is that you may need to know. Not always of course, but it does happen.

Maybe you might think something is unnecessary and then it turns out that it is indeed necessary information, but it might not be necessary until much later. How do you know that without forewarning? Sometimes you just have to try and absorb everything and not let anything get away, but that can be a struggle as one’s ability to take in information could be hampered by many things.

There are many things in the world and there is only so much time and it is doubtful that anyone would be able to do all of the things. I’ve rambled on about this before, but in a way it is humbling as the more you know you become increasingly aware of how little you know, though really if you know little you should also be aware of that too. Anyway, that is what I like to believe. I know that that is not always the case – there are a lot of people out there who think they know everything, or think they reach a point where there is little, if anything else to know – but I still like to believe it to be that way. Sometimes it is one of the most effective ways of learning and in learning through that method you may become more receptive to whatever it is that you are learning about. You could end up knowing both more and less and you gain a little bit more out of the whole process, bur regardless, it is always good to remember that we all know so little about things as there is just so much out there to know about.

There are so many things and so little time and so we can specialise in things that will leave us moving in one specific direction. We can also expand into many things and maybe not know everything about them, but still have a general idea of all of them. Maybe. The world is a big place and we are only a small part of it and we should remain as such. Maybe.

I think that in saying these things I’m really just letting my thoughts float on by. I’m letting them move and flow and move however they should probably move, or at least that is what I’m telling myself as realistically my thoughts are following paths and working out where those paths end, if they even have an end at all. There is nothing fancy or deep about this and I’m just rambling about things, but sometimes it is good to ramble about things. It isn’t always though and that is something that I need to bear in mind, but perhaps right now it is a good time for a ramble.

Maybe the time for rambling is over and discussion and deliberation must now go ahead, for too much time has been spent in inaction and so positive and proactive action must take place where it once wasn’t considered. Even if we all know little, surely we know that we should treat the environment much better than we do and surely with proactive action things can turn around and become better for all rather than just some. Maybe we don’t think about how severe the impact of our actions are and we don’t consider that which is external to us enough; I don’t know and I don’t think I could ever know as I imagine there are various levels of external awareness, but regardless, we can do so much more just by working with each other and working with those who understand things that we don’t, but that’s something to go on about another time. Right now it is time for rest so as to be better prepared to take on tomorrow which is coming a lot faster than I’d like, but sometimes that’s the way it goes.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 14:59:02

This is much stronger than the earlier bit of writing and that’s something I’m a little chuffed about, but only a little. I tried to tie a lot of what I wrote here together at the end but I don’t think it quite worked. It feels clunky.

Written at home.

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