Yasunori Mitsuda: To Far Away Times

I don’t know what I was going for here.
I feel as though I got stuck and tried to get down whatever I could. I think I should have considered cohesion a bit more, but I didn’t and now this. That said, I feel that had I focused I would’ve gotten something more consistent down.

Yasunori Mitsuda’s (光田 康典) “To Far Away Times” (“遥かなる時の彼方へ”) is from Chrono Trigger‘s soundtrack, Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version.

I hope you enjoy.

A sense of victory and hope emerges as a steady beat, bass and arpeggio move together. Strings fill in space; soon piano joins in and the strings underscore the melody the keys are layering. The keys pull back and woodwind takes over and moves forward with all the feeling of hope realised as conclusion.

The sounds keep moving and follow and pull back and join in as memories of the journey come into view whilst the new journey moves across a vast sky. Soon space comes in as sounds descend almost gently.

A sense of pause and a clock ticks away whilst a reverence for time comes forward. Mystery is found and a light shines through a shaded area, and an acceptance for the desire and determination to live a life despite the mystery and challenges holds fast.

The sounds shimmer and move and suddenly are swept away, and silence.

A music box plays a gentle theme that speaks to familiarity, and perhaps it is. It finds itself at the end of a story, closing things off for this point in time as whilst a new journey lies ahead, that is for another time. Eventually it fades away as the song ends.

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