Tsukasa Saitoh: Ambiguity

I’d not heard this song until last night but it was only a small snippet.
Decided I’d try having a go at writing about it due to the unfamiliarity.

The below is from one listen and I feel I got an idea of it across. Pretty vague, though still an idea. I think I was trying to interweave two things rather than focus on one and maybe that’s why. Who knows. I should, but I don’t.

Tsukasa Saitoh’s (齋藤 司) “Ambiguity” is from Armored Core Original Best Track, an album comprised of songs from Armored Core, Armored Core: Project Phantasma and Armored Core: Master of Arena. “Ambiguity” is also included on Armored Core Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Box, an album comprised (as far as I’m aware) of all the soundtracks for the Armored Core games released up to 2018.

I hope you enjoy.

A strike of beat and piano. something buzzes in the background whilst keys keep themselves spaced out, keeping the focus on the melancholy. The beat picks up and bounces, spreads and soon comes into a greater sense of fullness. Rhythm moves and underscores the mood whilst other sounds come and go in a pattern that builds a tenderness and fragility.

Bass comes in and follows a simple melody. The sounds come together like pieces to build more on the atmosphere and even though the beat shuffles it remains steady and strong. All work together to further mood and be as a whole and that melancholy remains. It remains and stays steady, even as the beat drops away; even as other sounds drop away. Soon it is bass, buzzing, keys and strings; Most drop away and strings reach out one last time as the song ends.

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