Nobuo Uematsu: Trail of Blood

I’m somewhat surprised that I was able to write as many words as I did here.
Should be more surprised at my thinking I wouldn’t get much out of the song.
Probably isn’t much but it was more than I thought I’d get, but anyway.

I think I was trying to aim more for imagery but instead what came forward was feel.
I think I overstated though. This would have worked better if I suggested more and let the words connect through reading rather than just directly saying things.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Trail of Blood” (“血の跡 “) is from the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack. As a side note, I find it interesting how the soundtrack changes once you move away from the starting area. Whilst plenty of the same style of tracks remain, the soundtrack becomes warmer and less harsh, so to speak.

I hope you enjoy.

An eerie menace begins to permeate and fill the space.
Strings move in odd ways; they seem familiar but feel off.
Underneath something that almost could be a heartbeat pulses away as though a beat, seemingly to its own rhythm.

Soon all is halted by a sudden series of drum strikes. The space is cleared, but but soon the strings return and soon after so does the beat. It fills and the atmosphere becomes more unsettling and almost disembodied. There is a danger but it is difficult to tell as to how prepared one must be. Something rises suddenly but it offers no surprise and seems to crackle through the atmosphere. It’s not long before something akin to a voice joins and follows the thickening strings.

Eventually it all cycles, pressing forward and pressing outward. All remains on edge and unnerved and strings draw out once more. Menace is strong and flows freely, and soon all fades out and the song ends.

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