Hiroshi Yamaguchi: Sei-an City (Aristocratic Quarter)

I need to do this less often when I’m about to go to sleep.
I tried to go with feel as I was trying to get across something that would be representative of the song’s title, but I’m not sure if it worked out.

Hiroshi Yamaguchi’s (山口裕史) “Sei-an City (Aristocratic Quarter)” (“西安京 貴族街 其の”) is from is from Ōkami Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Clover Studios’ Ōkami.

I hope you enjoy.

A slow beat plays out whilst other sounds stretch and create a loftiness and air of mystery. All moves steady and precise and space allows the sounds to seep in. It is almost as though motion is being conjured and it seems out of reach, but it is there and it is present.

More strings come in, as does extra percussion and slowly something more overtly emotive comes forward. Something rises and swells, but it all remains slow, even when the sounds bloom outward and swell. An air of dignity and grace permeates through as the sounds glide with a grace and smoothness. There is grandiosity and drama in the sounds as they move on about, still seeming as though they are out of reach. They remain steady and continue on as they fade out and the song ends.

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