Joe Hisaishi: Promise… For Us

Writing this was mostly straightforward.
There was a part where I went back for a moment as I wasn’t sure as to when a sound started and so wanted to make sure, but I could’ve waited for the song to restart.

I think I got across something here. There’s an idea of the song but I feel that I let myself be a little too limited in what I wrote.

Joe Hisaishi’s (久石譲) “Promise… For Us” is from the soundtrack for Kids Return.

I hope you enjoy.

A gentle sound echoes in a space. Soon it is joined by a synth that stretches. There is something forming and it becomes more apparent once the percussion comes in.

The percussion seems to roll and hold on certain points and soon it too is joined by bass. The echoing sound disappears whilst the synth, bass and percussion move along with a sense of flow that carries the emotion on its form.

A small bit of space and the echoing sound returns. Something akin to guitar that had supporting is there for a moment, though like the bass it disappears. There’s a sense of space and a sense of pause before the bass and guitar return, and all flows with the weight of emotion and the weight of seriousness.

Perhaps it is a parting that is coming forward on the groove; perhaps it is a sense of danger and uncertainty. It is difficult to tell, but it permeates with an ease as there is little need for subtlety here, though there is some of that too. Rhythm dominate and in a moment the percussion pulls back. The echoing is there, as is the synth and the bass and all seems to be in unison.

More space for a moment. More pause. Sounds return once more. Sounds move with a firm seriousness. A decision is formed, as is the will to see it through and so all resume with that determination held firm.

The sounds continue on without looking for a climactic moment and soon their rhythmic pulse pulls away, leaving the synth to draw out at the song’s end.

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