One Thousand Word Challenge 190: An Hour of Power Again

So it has been a while since I’ve done one of these but I’m aiming to try and get six things done in an hour. Now, I could do this the lazy way by just uploading six separate photos and maybe I will do that. It is not the best idea but it gets what I want to get done out of the way and then I can move toward other things.

So I’ve a fair bit to get through today as I’m suddenly working this evening and so I need to work hard and need to warm up which is why I am doing this. I think there are better things that I could do that could help with what I am doing but this is what I’m going to do because… well… I want to, so… yeah. YEAH!

Anyway, I now need to think about what I’m going to write for the rest of this bit of writing. I haven’t thought that far ahead. Maybe I could ruminate on the foolishness of doing this as, whilst it is a form of warming up, it also is a form of massive procrastination. That would be a good thing to write about as there could be an exploration of why it functions as both even though I feel the answer is already pretty evident. I could also use it to explore a whole lot of different things but I don’t think I will.

The reason as to why I don’t think I will as right now I am metaphorically free-falling through a series of ideas and thoughts and none of them are choosing to try and catch me, though maybe it is I who needs to catch them. I am yet to work this out but I am sure that, given enough time, I will work it out with ease. I’m sure that if I don’t land and continue to fall I will have plenty of time to think about this, but then I don;t really know if I want to think at all right now.

I think I’d much rather just try and switch off and let the words flow on forward of their own accord. I would rather be a conduit for what the words want but of course words have no activeness and merely I am making lazy use of whatever license is applicable here. I should be more careful; words are very powerful when used. However, I don’t think I will as that would require effort and I’d rather wield things irresponsibly. I’d rather let them all fall out and see what happens from there.

Now that I have all of that out of the way I need to think about how I approach all of this. There are many ways in which I can move forward but I think the way that I will move forward is by walking backward. I will walk backward and in walking backward I will not see where I am going. During this walk of not seeing where I am going (as I will refuse to turn my head around enough to get a good idea of where I am going) I will crash into many a thing and make people move out of the way. I will leave a path of destruction in my wake, but it will be a very little amount of destruction. It will not be a lot and that’s okay as I will not have to deal with it. Rather, other people will have to and they will be wondering as to what happened. They will wonder but they will never learn for I am going to walk really fast and by the time things are noticed as having fallen over and being crushed and ruined it will be too late. I will be gone.

I will be nothing other than a fable. I will be a legend told throughout the annals of time but there will be no one person (or group greater than one person) who will learn what it is that I did or who I was and am and am to be. Therefore this plan is ingenious and there is no stopping me. I will continue on with my reign of error and there will be no stopping me until I choose to stop which, admittedly, won’t be too far into this whole walking endeavour as I don’t feel like walking backward for too long. There are other, more important things of which I need to take care of and they require me using my eyes and walking forward in order to go forward. Not all of them of course, but some of them.

So anyway I think I’ve gotten what I want to get across across. From here on in it is powering through everything so as to be able to get on with other things. Soon I will stop and then there will be more writing but that writing will be of the elsewhere variety. Where that elsewhere is I cannot say but I can confirm that it will be more obvious than it will be odious. Then again, maybe it will be a balance of both and I don’t really know as to what it is that I am saying so I should just get on with things form here on out.

I’m stretching. I am warming up. This will be a spring unlike any other, though it is exactly like plenty of other sprints out there. Such is the way of things but I must keep on pretending so as to be able to make sure that I get things across in a dramatic and perhaps adventurous manner. We’ll see what comes at the end of this but I know that at the end there will be one thing and that one thing will be all that matters.

What is that one thing, you ask? Or don’t.

It will be the end of this hour of power.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 10:22:12

This was really easy to write. There were a few points where I struggled but they didn’t slow things down too much. That said, I certainly did stretch this out for far longer than necessary.

Written at home.

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