Anamanaguchi: Fast Turtle

Even though I’m tired I’m feeling pretty driven to write at this particular moment so I thought I’d write about an Anamanaguchi song as it has been a while since I last rambled about one of theirs.

I tried not to focus on any particular thing here. I didn’t want to spend time trying to break down the song as that would’ve taken too much time. The result is that I just mostly described the flow. There’s some stuff here that, if this were a review I’d either cut or heavily rewrite, but overall I think the result is fine.

Anamanaguchi’s “Fast Turtle” is from Power Supply.

I hope you enjoy.

Pleasant sounds draw out and keep things light and fun. Suddenly something drops and the sounds pick up a bit in both beat and energy. There’s bouncing and moving and it seems like the sounds just want to have fun.

Eventually some sort of melodic questioning comes in, though maybe it is no questioning at all and just a getting back up. The sounds go back to rising and keeping things fun and moving fast. Some sounds seem to beep; some seem to bounce and then there’s a clearing.

That melodic questioning returns before the sounds return to rising. There’s a brief moment of building the energy back up before all that fun slows down. The sounds let the mood permeate and seem to keep on rising up and up and up. They mix and congeal and allow a sense of massiveness to come forward even though they aren’t massive.

Pleasant sounds draw out and keep things light and fun, and after a final note the song ends.

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