Anamanaguchi: Helix Nebula

I heard “Helix Nebula” a while ago and managed to get my hands on it. Only isten to it on occasion as it’s a song that I forget about then remember and play again.

Well, that is until the last few months when I finally bought the EP it is on which I’ve played a bit since purchasing.

This below was written during one complete play of the song. I think that perhaps I should have gone with multiple rather than one as, whilst the song is brief (or at least feels brief) and rather simple sounding, I could probably say a bit more whilst remaining off the cuff.

I think at the very least I’ve describe some of the song in a really rough manner.

“Helix Nebula” is from Anamanaguchi’s Power Supply.

I hope you enjoy.

Oscillating synth sound as synth sound fades in in the background as ambience. Slight build, stop then a sudden explosion of something more celebratory. Feels like a rocking out.

Painting a scene of joy and flowing fast and movement, though not quite of movement. What feels like a solo is not. It’s a rocking out. Sudden stop and then a quick percussion with lower sounds, then it pumps up again, though following this new melody… sort of.

Brief passage, full sound, then back to the previous celebration. Just joyous and fun, following blippy sounds toward something, then to something a bit less rising and more harmonious, sort of. A quick playing around with what is going on and the sounds continuous the joyous journey and drive for a few moments.

Then we return to the main celebratory passage which rises to a different level to continue. A note draws out a bit, then a pleasant, fun “cheering” continues for a brief moment before it all suddenly stops.

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