Anjou: Sighting

The other day I was going through some music to put on whilst I worked as I didn’t have a firm idea of what I wanted to play. As I was going through things I saw Anjou and decided to put their album on as I hadn’t listened to it in a fair while.

When this song came on I felt it would be fun to write about and so I put it aside. Didn’t do so until about twenty minutes ago. As I was writing about “Sighting” I did my best to switch off and just write and I feel it worked. Until recently I think there was a period where I was overthinking the music I was writing about when the whole idea is to write as it happens and try and not overthink. As such this is an improvement over others. There was a part where I was trying to find the right words rather than just keep writing, but otherwise I feel this reads well enough.

Anjou’s “Sighting” is from Anjou.

I hope you enjoy.

Releasing steam whilst low sounds hum with a coldness. Steam releases again and the cold humming remains. What could be machinery beeps and buzzes and draws out whilst something seemingly reveals itself. Something begins to unfurl and spread out and try to cover things, but it cannot and it ends up following a lead.

Closed off is an expansiveness and thoughts turn inward whilst more unfurling occurs, but it seems more gentle and more dramatic than before. It seems to be layering though it is replacing its old forms.

Gradually a sense of melody reveals itself through a delicate touch though it pulls away and reveals more electronic buzzing. The coldness is gone and machinery sounds in an enclosed space. Shortly after that humming returns and it returns with the unfurled sound sliding along with it, and it seems to clear all. Melody further develops in tones and texture whilst steam as static releases for a brief moment.

There is something that is as emotionless as it is emotional that comes forward among the sounds and further inward it seems to move. A low pulse resembling a beat suddenly comes in and it reshapes the form. It gradually develops and takes a slow and steady bouncing back and forth whilst other sounds seem to linger quietly, allowing space for the beat to take stage.

Shifts and long flashes of sounds that could create something grandiosely melodic find themselves coming in and out at slow rates, suggesting more than announcing and an eeriness reaches out and through, though unsteady gentleness remains. Almost a sense of meditation cleanses all and thoughts spill out, though they are difficult to parse.

Eventually the percussion finds itself alone and soon after stops as the song ends.

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