Yoshitaka Hirota: The Fate ~ Cluster Amaryllis

I think I was trying to both describe the song as well as the imagery and I think it led to this being clunky. In part I that chunkiness is due to this being written over one listen with a few pauses and slight rewinds. Had I written this over four or five listens and I think I would have gotten more across and had it read much more smoothly.

Yoshitaka Hirota’s (弘田佳孝) “The Fate ~ Cluster Amaryllis” (appears to be just “彼岸花” so maybe the “Cluster Amaryllis” bit was added in translation) is from Shadow Hearts II Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Nautilus’ (originally known as Sacnoth) Shadow Hearts II aka Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

I hope you enjoy.

Acoustic guitar strikes out of a brief moment and soon it is met by some sort of keys. There’s something perhaps bleak or at least downtrodden about this. A sort of dance downward, but at the same time there is also an acceptance. Despite the dryness and the bitterness, despite how there is some sort of sense of things not likely turning out, there is something turning and there is a sense of confidence. Perhaps there’s a need to rise and walk forward.

Vocalising comes forward in this rise, and some bass becomes prominent. There is something building, then a pause and suddenly percussion and fiddle (or violin; I’m not sure) join the instruments and suddenly there’s a standing tall in the face of adversity. Accepting what needs to come and going through with it.

A brief shift to the opening moments, perhaps to serve as a brief pause before the band kicks off in full again and the fiddle takes lead and strikes out, stepping forward, moving steadily and with certainty toward what it is that needs to be done.

Suddenly it all drops out and the beat gains focus and the song becomes this sort of dark, ominous thing. The vocalising floats on somewhere above everything, the bass rumbles deeply and the guitar strums out and slightly draws out its notes. The percussion picks up in intensity for a moment, then the song drops out.

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