Melt-Banana: Zero+

This one was tough.

I was listening to the album “Zero+” is from. Decided to write about the song when it played which was fine, but what made it tough was trying to switch off enough to write about it as I was concentrating perhaps a bit too hard on what I was hearing.

It’s almost as though the song has two distinct halves but I think there is a strong argument to make about it being continuous despite having some pretty differing sounds at the start and end.

I tried to describe the song as best as I could and I think I did an alright job, but I also said very little.

Melt-Banana’s “Zero+” is from Fetch.

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar seems to squeal and bounce back and forth, moving up and down and looping upon itself. A vocal blip, or at least what could be a vocal comes in for a moment before disappearing and subtle changes seem to occur. A bit of guitar starts to stretch underneath, then all suddenly stops.

The sound of water moving and croaks move into the silence. Soon chirping comes forward and a settling occurs. There is a harmony and rhythm that emerges in the space and it is a perceived calmness, but it is peaceful and it moves in a stillness, and fades out at the song’s end.

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