Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1146: Power Walk to the Lighthouse

Yesterday was a long day full of things and those things involved doing things. Some of those things involved driving off to do photo work and some of those things involve making silly decisions before doing said photo work.

I worked in The Northern Beaches last night which meant driving up to The Northern Beaches. Thought I’d squeeze in some time beforehand to go to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Not the worst decision I made.

I arrived at the park that Barrenjoey Lighthouse is connected to a little alter than I’d hoped, but not so late that I had to turn back around. Parked, got out of the car and with my camera I went up to the lighthouse.

The last time I was there was either in the late nineties or early aughts. I’m also not sure that I went to the lighthouse that time, but I do know that I was in the Palm Beach area. It was a long time ago and my memory is a little hazy on the whole thing, but I remember being there. When I went yesterday I figured that the lighthouse wouldn’t be too difficult to get to as it was just up a hill. Nothing too bad.

So I ended up power walking my way up to the lighthouse and that was not a good idea. The path I took was a bit steep in places and more for a slower walking speed, but I had to be quick. I still had to get back down after taking photos and seeing the view.

So I power walked up and I got to the top after a few brief stops and… yeah. It was not the best idea I’ve had. The views were really nice, however. I saw a landscape I don’t often get to see and it was just nice to be up there around sunset.

When I looked over the area of The Northern Beaches that was visible I thought to myself about how, if I had the money I would buy all the houses in the area (and some beyond the view) and turn it all into national parkland. To me a lot of it seemed trashy. I mean, sure, they were definitely some nice houses, but this was an area that should be for everyone and for wildlife and not just a select few.

Anyway, I appreciated the beauty and some of what appeared to be natural landscape, and I appreciated the lighthouse and then I made my way back down which thankfully was quick. Soon I was back in the car, driving to where I had to be whilst sweating.

It was an easy drive to do which was also nice, but I imagine it would’ve been easier had I not power walked up to a lighthouse. Oh well.

I don’t regret it. It just wasn’t something I’d recommend, but overall it was a learning experience and I got to see what I wanted to see. Overall, rather nice.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:39:08

Going to do a little bit more writing soon.
This was something I had to force myself through a little as I’m operating off not enough sleep. I’m not sure it reads well, but I think parts do.

Written at home.

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