Jesu: Morning Light

I don’t quite think I captured the song well with this one. Some of the description is, in a sense, accurate, but I think that in parts I wrote something that feels a little different. Maybe. Not sure.

Jesu’s “Morning Light” is from Opiate Sun.

I hope you enjoy.

A low hum, then guitars roar calmly. Waves of distortion wash on over whilst percussion strikes out at specific moments. It is slow and careful, but also sharp and striking. It rolls on forward with the guitar, and vocals find themselves drawing out, almost floating on above and through the sound. They seem to be come from somewhere else entirely, and they move along with the guitar and percussion as they continue to move around and over.

The vocals stop and the percussion picks up whilst the guitar pulls back a little. A bit of thrust reveals itself and soon more guitar sound finds its way in, moving under, through and over the rhythm. It seems to glide and move around from somewhere else, looking around and finding itself in a joyous and maybe dreamlike position as a sky shifts and changes.

Soon the additional guitar fades away and the remaining sounds change direction, and start moving along with a greater pace. They appear to be racing toward something, though it seems almost vague what they are racing toward. They are reaching for something climactic; perhaps a moment that will summarise everything neatly.

The additional guitar comes back and it underscores the rhythmic drive of the music. It shifts slightly but remains focused, much like the rest of the sounds. It pushes on and with the rest of the sounds it finds its final moment.

The percussion pulls away and the guitars draw out as they rest at the song’s end.

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