SeaLifePark: Quiet

One listen for this one, though with a few restarts early on due to letting myself get distracted.

I was hoping to get some sort of narrative going when I went into this but that idea went out the window. Not sure why, though I suspect it had to do with not being familiar enough with the song.

SeafLifePark’s (aka Sea Life Park; I’m not sure which is correct) “Quiet” is from We Get What You Deserve.

I hope you enjoy.

Keys keep space and gentleness as they move through their melody. Vocals appear with a thick softness. They seem to float and soon are joined by another set of thinner, and perhaps airier vocals.

Bass and percussion keep a steady rhythm the moment they appear; They find themselves sitting easy with the keys and and the vocals and all seems to drift. Light guitar work also comes in in specific places, keeping the gentleness enforced as it also seems to drift along.

There’s a moment of space before the bass and percussion come back and the keys alter slightly. Another brief pause and soon all continue on together. Comfort seems to keep things easy and now things feel more rhythmic in their flow. Eventually there’s another sort of pause and the guitar takes a bit more lead, though it remains in step with everything else.

Slowly and steady the sounds move through their sections and let the vocals move over them, and a sense of the beautiful takes over. Eventually the vocals end and the remaining sounds lock in. The guitar seems to keep low with the bass, only moving away slightly whilst the percussion flickers and builds. The guitar shifts in its sounds and suddenly all grows loud and massive.

This is a release, but this still seems gentle and calm. It’s almost as though emotion is coming forward from being thoroughly within the moment, and it’s loud and wide and perhaps cinematic, but it’s so calm and relaxed and gentle and comforting, and it’s almost reassuring.

The percussion shifts whilst the guitar seems to widen and narrow in sound. The bass holds steady, and soon all reach the final moment. In this moment they choose not to go bigger, but rather stop, and after a percussive roll the sounds trail off and the song ends.

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